Dublin International Airport

Dublin Airport, which delivers unrivalled global connectivity for Ireland, facilitated the journeys of more than 28.1 million passengers in 2022, representing a 231% increase on 2021 activity and an 85% recovery of 2019 levels. 26.5 million passengers either started or ended their journey through Dublin Airport in 2022 while 1.33 million used the airport as a transfer hub.

Dublin Airport had 8 years of consecutive passenger growth pre-Covid with 32.9 million passengers in 2019. The airport consists of two 100,000 sq. metre terminals, and owns, manages and operates the largest car park in Ireland with a total of 23,000 car park spaces. 

Arrivals, Terminal 2 Dublin Airport

Recognised Leaders

We were 1st in the World to secure the ISO 55001 quality mark. This year, Dublin Airport was awarded ARUP Engineering endeavour of 2022-North Runway, Shortlisted for Best Use of Content / Creative at the Irish Media Awards for our campaign “The Magic of a Warm Welcome” with Avoca and United Airline’s, SEAI Energy Awards Finalists-Transport Category, Short-listed at Fingal Chamber Business Awards in Best Climate Action category.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

One of only two airports in Europe, and three outside the Americas, Dublin Airport has a US Preclearance facility for US-bound passengers. Passengers traveling to the United States complete immigration and customs procedures in Dublin prior to their departure, and are treated as domestic passengers on arrival.

North Runway

In August 2022, Dublin Airport opened its second runway, reputed to be a runway of scale that has been the most efficiently designed and constructed in Europe over the last decade.

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