Infrastructure Investment

We understand investment in airport infrastructure requires long-term planning to facilitate passenger growth and future demand for aviation services.  

The development of a second runway at Dublin Airport was mandated by the Government’s National Aviation Policy (NAP) for Ireland and published in August 2015

North Runway Top Facts

  • Construction commenced in 2019
  • North Runway is 3.1km long and 75m wide
  • Located 1.7km north of main runway
  • State-of-the-art Category III B instrument landing and airfield ground lighting systems
  • First full year of operation in 2022
  • Delivered at a cost of ­320m

Investment Benefits

  • Potential to connect, compete and grow
  • Delivering North Runway is key to developing Dublin Airport’s network
  • Increase runway capacity at peak times to cater for increased demand
  • Longer runway to cater for new long-range destination, thus extending global connectivity
  • Further develop Dublin as a European gateway to the United States

North Runway will

  • Facilitate over 30% increase in connectivity
  • Contribute over £2bn to GDP
  • Created over 31,200 new jobs

Knowledge Transfer

As part of our advisory services our team of experts travelled to Saudi Arabia to support the development of the runway at the Red Sea International Airport

We utilise the skills developed from such projects and share these learnings with our clients, for example Airport Planning & Construction Management, Stakeholder Engagement & Management, Innovative Procurement Techniques, Documentation & Compliance Development, Concept of Operations design and Runway ORAT & Operationalisation.

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