King Khalid International Airport

We hold an airport management contract for Terminal 5 at KKIA in Riyadh and operate the terminal on behalf of Riyadh Airports Company.

There are five operative terminals at King Khalid International Airport (KKIA) together with the Royal Terminal, which had total passenger numbers of 26 million in 2019.  Terminal 5, opened in May 2016 and has a building area of 106,500 square meters, with 17 passenger bridges, four bussing gates, 60 check-in counters and five baggage reclaim belts.

We developed a customized, passenger-centric operating model for T5 in KKIA based on a strong partnership with Riyadh Airports Company. Along with terminal management, our team in KKIA provide Human Resource Consultancy, Talent development & Succession Planning, Concessions Procurement, Air Service Development and Car Parking, Business Continuity and Resilience Planning, ORAT and Asset Management Strategic planning.

Our Story at King Khalid International Airport

Airport Overview

We continue to operate Terminal 5, KKIA, which is the Kingdom’s highest quality terminal as per ACI ASQ Scoring

  • 14 million pax p.a
  • 106,500 m2
  • 7 Code C-E MARS Stands
  • 1 Code F Stand
  • 60 Check In Desks
  • 20 Self Service Check In
  • 5 Baggage Reclaim Belts
  • 2,752 Parking Spaces

Contract Scope

Our contract has evolved from managing Terminal 5 to a team of dedicated consultants who are embedded in Riyadh Airports Company and working across Operations, Commercial, ORAT, Human Resources, Airline Business Development and Finance.

King Khalid International Airport, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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Business Continuity & Risk

Meet Phil Blum, Business Continuity & Risk Director for Riyadh Airports Company

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