What We Do

We advise, manage and invest, offering the full range of airport services to our clients and partners.

Our team manage over 100+ million passengers through our airports. Driven to ensure our clients success, we are committed to impacting positive change within the Airport Industry today and for generations that go beyond.

How We Work


Flexibility is key to our approach in everything we do. Using our resource of over 3,500 aviation professionals, we expand and alternate the team to meet our clients specific needs at any given time during the course of the project. We work side by side with management and teams to understand the clients needs and provide holistic support and resolution.


daa International is a trusted global partner and we continue to expand through partnerships that bring innovation and excellence to the aviation sector and by leveraging our extensive experience in operating some of the most progressive airports in the world. We are passionate about the communities we work with and engage with the Government and tourism authorities at all our airports promoting regional development.​

Cost Control

Our expertise and consultancy experience comes from a relentless focus on cost control and revenue generation through operations, asset care and development in airports ranging in size from 1 million to over 50 million passengers per annum.


Dublin Airport is home to Ryanair, the world’s largest and most profitable international low-cost airline, in addition to being the base for Etihad’s most profitable route. daa was born out of an airline and airport single entity – aviation is in our DNA. 


We are experts in setting out KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) that yield excellent results in terms of passenger service and satisfaction.

Whether it is at our own airports or those of our clients, we bring expertise in performance delivery and measurement. Results are the true measure of performance, but knowing and having the confidence that these results will be achieved, is through the skill of a good and experienced management team. In recent years the gathering, collation and proper interpretation of data has become the key to successful airport management.

A Proven Team

Our team has a track record and expertise in seamlessly integrating with existing management, staff and structures to deliver complex transition and transformation.​


As owner-operators, daa International is acutely aware of the technical, regulatory and commercial constraints that our clients face, and we fulfil all nature of management contracts from transition handling (ORAT) to ongoing day-to-day operations. We understand the operating and capital requirements associated with all areas of the airport business and work closely with our clients to unlock optimum value from their assets.

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Subject Matter Expertise

From revenue to compliance to capital expenditure, daa International provides solution-driven expert consultancy services for clients and partners.

The daa International team supports organisations in every aspect of the aviation world and has the expertise to address the entire scope of challenges faced by airport investors, owners and operators. Whether planning, bidding, selling or managing, we offer independent, informed and practical advice that drives commercial success and bolsters customer satisfaction.

Knowledge Transfer

World class airports need world class training and daa International offers tailored training programmes to suit all operational needs. 

Find out more about how we deliver the best knowledge transfer experience to your airport leaders.

Meet Michelle Treanor

Strategic Talent Development Expert

Our team are passionate about knowledge transfer and work closely with our experts in Dublin International Airport and Cork International Airport to support a variety of familiarisation visits for our clients. We facilitate professionals to come together and share industry insights with a focus on becoming one winning team. We aim to share industry best practices across airports around the world.

Intelligent Processes

Informed by over 80 years of airport ownership and management.

We have crafted a process and toolkit that mines the wisdom within our own organisation and that of the overall daa Group. Our Services Toolkit looks after the requirements of investor and owner entities, in both public and private spheres.


We will be the first-choice operator on airport transaction.

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We support our clients in achieving their goals and develop airport industry leaders with talented people.

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daa International was delighted to formally sign an MoU with our valued partners, ASYAD.

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