About daa Group

We are a global airports and travel retail group.

daa International is part of the wider daa Group which enables us to draw on a vast pool of Industry Experts. We understand the operating and capital requirements associated with all areas of the airport business and work closely with our clients, offering the optimum service.

We are established in 20 locations across 16 countries including Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Germany, India, and New Zealand.

Founded in 1937, daa operates Dublin Airport and Cork Airport, has a 20% stake in Düsseldorf Airport, and an 11% stake in Hermes, which operates Larnaca and Paphos airports in Cyprus. We also operates the global travel retail business ARI. Owned by the Irish State but we are a standalone business with a fully commercial mandate. 2019 over 83.9 million passenger used airports operated or part owned by daa. Our recently completed ‘Just in Time’ $2.0 billion capital Investment programme saw the development of 2 new terminals in Dublin and Cork Airport and a suite of over 120 infrastructural and renewal projects positioning us as an airport authority to meet the demands of the aviation industry on our operations up to 2030.

We are a Team of Industry Leaders

#1 in the World to secure the ISO 55001 quality mark.

#1 in the World to introduce the concept of duty-free shopping at Shannon Airport in 1947.

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