Our People

The heart of our success

We are committed to investing in people. Our business is about people and it is the knowledge transfer and collaboration of our teams that is changing the airport industry across the world.

At work, the Red Sea Teams Regulation, Safety and Compliance Manager, Eibhlin McGrath

We value the importance of identifying the right people for the right opportunity at the right time. Our people understand the operating and capital requirements associated with all areas of the airport business. We work closely with our clients, committed to offering the optimum service with a flexible mindset and agile response.

We Are Unique

Nick Cole, CEO, daa International, talks about the people of daa International.

Our Success is Our People

As we grow into new markets where new opportunities meet different challenges, experienced team members are key to our success. And we have more than 80 years worth of experience to prove it.

Our tone of Voice

Our culture is grounded in developing great leaders who go the extra mile for our passengers, airlines clients and partners, and take pride in their work in a thoughtful, caring and professional way. We aim to treat all our people as equals and are respectful of our colleagues and team members right across the business. We aspire to always operate in the following manner:

We know all news will not positive; however, we aim to speak the truth in an open and transparent manner.

We always try to speak in a straightforward manner. In our communications to employees, we endeavour not to use confusing or misleading language.

We recognise that everyone has a right to be heard. It’s important for us to ensure that every employee has a voice.

As a company, we work together in the spirit of mutual respect, no matter the title, rank or position.

Our communications are flexible to reach people in all of our operating countries. We use our communication platforms to ensure our employees are heard and informed.

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