King Fahd International Airport faced underperforming Operations & Maintenance Service Contracts due to single source maintenance contractor, based on minimum manpower and with no or poor SLAs/KPIs and sub-optimal contract requirements. 

Challenges & Opportunities 

  • Restructure the delivery of services under a specialist facility delivery model 
  • Ability to procure new style of contracts under an SLA/KPI based model 
  • Development of appropriate KPIs for new contract within structure 
  • Institute a re-charge model for services and share maintenance costs across all applicable 3rd Party bodies 
  • Change Dammam Airports Company (DACO) FM&E Organisation to work efficiently with new contract structure  


  • Delivered restructured Facilities Management contracts under: 
  • Airfield Services 
  • Utilities Services 
  • Landside Services 
  • Ensured the new structure was underpinned by Performance based SLA/KPIs Contracts which improve service response and quality in delivery with roadmap to ISO certifications (41001 & 55001) 
  • Process, when 3rd Party recharging is included, delivered significant (c.15%)  cost savings over previous manpower & skills-based contracts 
  • Project completed during COVID-19 crisis by on-site daa International team and was one of the only strategic projects completed by DACO in 2020

Implementation Approach 

  • daa International team of c.2.5 resources, were engaged to support DACO FM&E in completing the required RFP development with associated SLAs/KPIs & reporting structures and managing the procurement process
  • The scope of work, covering the entire airport campus was split into 5 discrete contract packages based on a facility approach and by hard and soft services
  • Bespoke SLAs/KPIs structure was developed for DACO which reflected the status & condition of the assets
  • daa International advised DACO on the appropriate internal structuring which would be required to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of the new maintenance service providers
  • The contracts aligned and obligated the new contractors to work closely with DACO on assessing existing assets and enabled DACO to complete a Capital maintenance assessment for long-term planning and Asset replacement
  • Procurement cycle included considerable number of contractors across five packages which where managed and handled through DACO & daa International procurement processes
  • Evaluations were conducted by daa International with support from DACO’s internal FM&E team
  • Technical and financial negotiations were completed by daa International & DACO
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