daa has clear commitments to environmental sustainability as outlined in our vision.

We understand the global environmental and climate challenge. daa Group have set clear and effective environmental sustainability targets and embedded them in our overall business strategy. 

Our approach to sustainability is dynamic and is at the heart of the Group strategic plan. In it, we commit to achieving Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050, a landmark agreement signed in 2019. We are also working to achieve the Public Sector climate targets for carbon reduction and energy efficiency across the airport campus.

In addition to our focus on Carbon and Energy to meet our Net Zero commitment, we also set targets around waste, water and air quality, as well as a continuing programme of noise management.

Our commitments are driven by the daa ESG Strategy which you can view more information on here.

Find out about our role in sustainability at the Red Sea

We are committed to preventing pollution and protecting the environment. We have an active approach to environmental management, with regular evaluation of our Environmental Management System (EMS).

We aim to deliver continuous improvement of our standards. To achieve this, we have set ambitious targets that take us into areas beyond our direct control, recognising that we are part of the aviation ecosystem and seeking to coalesce with other stakeholders around common goals and influence policy and outcomes.

As part of our leadership position, we will work with aviation partners, facilitating or influencing change in areas where we can use our voice. Our vision also drives us to work with local communities, to give back, to create economic and social benefits for society. Our strategy outlines our commitment and pathways to action under environmental pillars relevant to our business.

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