Red Sea International Airport

In 2022, we signed a contract to operate the new airport at The Red Sea Development Project in Saudi Arabia.

The Red Sea Project is a major development being built over 28,000 square kilometres on Saudi Arabia’s west coast to create a new luxury tourism destination. The first phase of the project, including the new international airport, is due to be completed by the end of next year.

We will be involved in managing the operations of the airport during three separate stages. Stage one involves ensuring that all airport designs benefit the customer. Stage two covers planning a full and seamless operational model for the airport when it opens to the public. The third and final stage manages and operates this plan, maintaining the highest standards in customer experience and sustainability, while prioritising safety and security.

The Red Sea International Airport is set to serve one million passengers annually by the project’s completion in 2030, with a peak capacity of 900 passengers per hour. Visitor numbers will be limited to one million, based on the environmental carrying capacity of the new Red Sea development. The airport will be powered by 100% renewable energy.

The Red Sea Project

Airport Overview

  • Red Sea International Airport will be the key Gateway to the Red Sea Destination and multiple Saudi Arabian Tourist Giga-projects
  • A uniquely designed and structured terminal will serve as an ultra-high end terminal (effectively business lounge configuration for full airport) for up to 1mppa

Contract Scope

  • Provided design validation 2021-22 
  • Complete Airport ORAT and certification 2023 
  • Full Operation & Management of the Red Sea International Airport  

Meet Paul O’Donovan, Project Director of the Red Sea International Airport

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